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There's a player on the Detroit Red Wings whose name is Justin Abdelkader. Don't worry, this isn't going to be a hockey post, so shut up and don't worry and shut up because hockey is awesome anyway and you're wrong for not liking it. Whenever I hear Abdelkader's name, I always think "that sounds like it's a legal term." I always think that. Every time I hear Abdelkader's name, I think that, and I think this is the first time I'm sharing it with other people. Maybe it's not. Maybe it's not even the first time I've shared it here. That would be awkward for me, a little.

Today's word also sounds to me like a legal term but then it's not somebody's last name; it's basically a legal term. Today's word is "approbate", and, seriously, Firefox, nothing in your dictionary for "approbate"? You have "approbation", but not "approbate"? You have "approbate" now, because I am in control of you. The emphasis in "approbate" is on the first syllable in case you were wondering. I wonder if people even read these posts or learn from these posts. I know how people feel about learning. Here's the definition of "approbate" that no one will read:

to approve officially.

Simple enough. A timely attempted example sentence:

As much sense as it would make to platoon Miguel Olivo and John Jaso behind the plate according to pitcher handedness, nothing'll happen without Eric Wedge's approbation, and given the way Wedge seems to support Olivo, I wouldn't hold my breath.

That's a weird expression, "I wouldn't hold my breath." If you could actually hold your breath you'd die within minutes. What the expression literally means is that whatever it is probably won't take place within the next few minutes. Well that isn't very helpful!