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4/12: Open Game Thread

Chone Figgins, CF Ian Kinsler, 2B
Alex Liddi, 3B Michael Young, DH
Ichiro Suzuki, RF Josh Hamilton, LF
Justin Smoak, 1B Adrian Beltre, 3B
Jesus Montero, DH Nelson Cruz, RF
Kyle Seager, 2B Mike Napoli, 1B
Miguel Olivo, C Yorvit Torrealba, C
Casper Wells, LF Alberto Gonzalez, SS
Brendan Ryan, SS Craig Gentry, CF

Jason Vargas

#38 / Pitcher / Seattle Mariners





Feb 02, 1983

Derek Holland

#45 / Pitcher / Texas Rangers





Oct 09, 1986

Before you get all mad at Eric Wedge, Derek Holland's left-handed, so that kind of makes a difference. Additionally, Mike Napoli is back in the Rangers' lineup after getting hit in the head on Tuesday. I don't endorse pitchers trying to hit batters in the head, but if there were some way to guarantee that it never did real harm, it would be funny if the Mariners just kept hitting Napoli in the head over and over again. Of all the players I'd like to see hit in the head provided there weren't any significant consequences, Napoli would be in the upper...ten percent? Five percent? I don't really like Mike Napoli much, is what I'm saying here.