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I really shouldn't leave these things until Friday afternoon. Even though I work from home, I get the same Friday afternoon feeling as everybody else - around, I don't know, 2 or 3, my brain just says "nope, I'm done. I'm gonna go to the movies." And then I can't get it back, because I don't know where it went to the movies. There are so many places to watch movies. And even if I had a lead on where my brain went to the movies, it's not like I'd be able to investigate any further, since you need your brain to problem-solve. Basically, come Friday afternoon, I'm brainless, so I'm writing this post without a brain. I don't know what part of my body is responsible for these words. And hey it looks like I have a game recap to write next. Terrific! Wonder where that's going to go.

Uh anyway today's word is "furcate". This is just the latest in a growing string of vocabulary words that Firefox doesn't recognize. Firefox recommends that I replace "furcate" with "bifurcate", which is just the prefix "bi-" on the word "furcate". Firefox, you don't know anything! Crazy like a fox? More like dumb like a fox. Definition:

1. forked; branching.

An attempted example sentence:

The remaining players in Mariners camp will follow a furcate path, with some players sticking, and the others finding homes in the minors.

This is a good word, if you use it right. It's also a good substitute if you're in an environment in which you can't swear. It's way better than pococurante. Stupid good-for-nothing word.