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Cuts And Other Drugs

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That headline is a play off of the movie Love And Other Drugs, starring Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal. It was released in 2010 to some critical acclaim and some critical not-acclaim. I don't know why the headline is a play off of the movie Love And Other Drugs since this post doesn't have anything to do with drugs, but that's what came to me when I was filling out the headline field and I trust that my brain knows what it's doing. The brain is very smart! Even the dumbest brain. And I guess Adam Moore might have been given some drugs.

Let's start with Adam Moore, then. Yesterday we learned that Adam Moore had a fracture in his wrist, which was really a fracture in his hand. He sustained the fracture when a baseball hit him in the wrist, or the hand. Even though it wasn't really bad news for the Mariners, it was pretty bad news for Adam Moore, so now we have pretty good news for Adam Moore. Or to be truthful, from Adam Moore. Via Geoff Baker, we learn that Moore actually just had a bone chip break off. He saw a specialist who delivered the news, and while he's not going to rush back and play tomorrow, he should be back in action sooner than was feared. It doesn't look like Moore's going to miss much of the triple-A season, if he misses any of it. I hesitate to say that Moore is lucky since he has an injury now he didn't have a few days ago, but this could've been much worse. Moore could still have a full season.

Now let's move on to cuts! The Mariners began with 67 players in Major League camp, and that's entirely too many players. That greatly exceeds the fire marshal's maximum dugout capacity. So the Mariners needed to do some trimming, and they've commenced with the trimming.

Steve Garrison has been sent from Major League camp to minor league camp. Garrison has two batters of Major League experience. They were an injured Justin Smoak and a two-dimensional Franklin Gutierrez. Garrison allowed a deep lineout to Smoak, and a deep fly out to Gutierrez. Not promising. He'll go be left-handed for someone, but not for the Mariners, immediately.

Jarrett Grube has been sent from Major League camp to minor league camp. I don't know anything about Jarrett Grube the person, but I know he has the name of someone with Confederate flags on his car and his wall and his upper back. Jarrett Grube should probably drop me a line if he wants me to stop automatically assuming that he's a contemporary racist.

Philippe Valiquette has been sent from Major League camp to minor league camp. I was under the impression that Valiquette was a guy who could touch the triple digits. The other day the PITCHfx system had him averaging 90.7. That is three digits! Very clever, Valiquette.

Carlos Guillen obviously retired, and apparently Stephen Pryor was sent to minor league camp after he returned from personal business, so the Major League camp roster currently stands at 62. And of course, we can already pretty much predict the final 25-man roster unless someone gets hurt, as there are only a few spots up for grabs, so these cuts are unlikely to be interesting. Especially the first of them. But we'll keep on reporting them, because since when do we care about reporting only what's interesting? This is a Seattle Mariners blog.