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Today's word is terrible. I don't mean that today's word is "terrible". I mean that today's word is a terrible word. There's no way around it. It's the kind of word you come across and see written in italics. It's the kind of word that would leave you showered with tomatoes and dismissive wanking gestures if you used it out loud. It's the kind of word that Paul from Midnight In Paris would like in case you've seen that.

It's a shame, too, because today's word could be a useful word, given its definition. If today's word were better, I'd probably want to use it all the time. Instead I'm probably going to use it never, except for within this post and also throughout the podcast that we already recorded this morning. This morning I could hardly believe the douchiness of today's word.

Today's word is "pococurante". It's pretty clearly Italian in origin, and I'm not going to tell you how to pronounce it because you should probably never pronounce it. The first definition:

1. a careless or indifferent person.

See? It could be neat. Instead it is not. I'll attempt an example sentence with it anyway:

There was a concern that Yuniesky Betancourt was unmotivated and a bit of a pococurante about his work, which was not inaccurate.

Just terrible. After writing that sentence my two hands got up and left. I'm typing this very slowly with my nose. In Italian, "poco" means "little" and "curante" means "caring", from the verb "curare". "Little caring." Such a waste.