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Adam Moore Is Broken

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Matthew or I would have gotten to this much earlier, when the news was fresh, but Matthew and I were busy recording the next Lookout Landing baseball podcast, which I think I recall talks about baseball at some point. We would've handled things differently had there been more significant news, but Adam Moore getting isn't insignificant news, especially to him, but this doesn't exactly change the Mariners' 2012 projection.

As many of you have already heard, Moore has a fractured third metacarpal in his right wrist. He sustained the injury on Tuesday trying to block a pitch, which is a real shame since I think we've established that Mariners catchers don't try to block pitches and Moore was just going above and beyond. Moore remained in that particular game, but he hurt on Wednesday, hence the X-ray, hence the diagnosis.

We don't have a timetable for Moore's recovery just yet, but it won't be short. We're talking weeks, and Moore presumably won't return until the season's underway. This injury interrupts what had been a good spring for Moore, although it's still early in spring so that doesn't mean a whole lot. Moore batted .368 last spring. He batted .314 the spring before that. I guess Adam Moore has good springs.

Realistically though, even with a strong, sustained spring, Moore wasn't making the Mariners unless someone got hurt. He's behind Miguel Olivo, he's behind John Jaso, and he's behind Jesus Montero, who kind of counts as a catcher. Moore was all but ticketed to Tacoma, so this injury doesn't hurt him the way an injury to, say, Michael Saunders would hurt him. If Moore's out several weeks, then he comes back and he's at or around full strength, he shouldn't lose a whole lot. He'll still have a chance to put himself back on the Mariners' radar, or at least on somebody's radar.

It's tough. We don't know exactly how bad this is. We don't know how well or quickly Moore will recover. He's already missed so much time with knee injuries. Adam Moore is an unlucky guy. If you'll allow me to be insensitive for a moment, though, better that Moore gets hurt than somebody else. Hopefully he ends up fine in time, and hopefully, eventually, he's something.

Just saw that Matthew like just put up a post. I will bury you! I will bury you like an avalanche!