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In yesterday's vocabulary post, it seemed appropriate to weave Felix Hernandez into the example sentence, given that Felix turned in an awesome performance, said awesome things to the media, and is Felix Hernandez. Yesterday was unofficially Felix Hernandez Day. I've decided that today is also unofficially Felix Hernandez Day. You know what's a lot more fun than National Cereal Day, or Wednesday? Felix Hernandez Day. On Felix Hernandez Day, we all get to think about Felix Hernandez.

Today's word is "rutilant". This is easy. Although Firefox doesn't recognize "rutilant", and recommends "antilabor". I don't even...way to be political, Firefox. The definition:

glowing or glittering with ruddy or golden light.

An example sentence:

King Felix's crown is distinguished by its dazzling ornaments and rutilant gems.

In case you're wondering, "ruddy" means "reddish". "Ruddy" sounds like a common word everybody should know, but it's really not that common in truth. I kind of hope Felix really does have a crown. I mean, that'd be douchey, impossibly douchey, especially if he wore it around like to the clubhouse or the store, but if anybody should have a crown, it's the king. Maybe this should be part of his contract.