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Series Preview Feedback Take 2012

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It's not a tipping point or anything actually substantial or possessing of meaning, but one way that the encroaching Mariners season has made its approach noticeable to me is that I have to start curating the archives of our meta threads for stuff that needs to be re-posted. The start of seasons inevitably brings new members, some straight here, others from across the burgeoning SBN empire. Game threads return and far sooner than I personally care, so will series previews.

So though I am hampered by a chest cold and not enough time to adequately consider the nature of things*, I can squeak in a feedback thread. Yay for you because this is a chance for you to complain about stuff you get virtually for free in a morally acceptable manner. I figured I'd throw that last line in as a way of reminding you to be more grateful. Also, call your mother.

*things deserve your attention. Have you been noticing things? They might be important.

Since I am sort of lazy, I will repeat some of what I wrote last year as your instructions for this participatory exercise.

Here is your annual thread to offer any and all feedback on the series previews for the coming year. Most of it I will not implement because it requires way too much work, but some of the ideas I can actually do and some of them might spark other ideas. You never know. If you did know, you would know the future and you should be spending your time doing things other than reading this website. Go save a child or something. Keep an eye out for Panther the Cat.

Last year's feedback was okay, though I was disheartened to see nobody explicitly catch the reference. There was not an overwhelming amount of volume, which I'll take to mean everything was mostly peachy keen. That's good because not a whole lot changed in the previews from 2010 to 2011. Mostly it was the transition from the pitcher tables to charts. Here are example previews from 2008, 2009, 2010 and this one from 2011 that I picked out specifically because I wrote a parody of the Duck Song in entirety and that should've won a goddamn Oscar. Jim Rash, I'm coming for you!

That Blue Jays series began when the losing streak was nine, by the way. It ended at 17. SEVENTEEN! And the play that figuratively secured the win that halted the streak was a bases loaded triple from Mike Carp. Baseball's weird, man. Just freaking weird.