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I always want to begin these things with some variation of "and we're back". But that's a useless thing to say, because you already know that we're back. It's pretty evident from the headlines when these are vocabulary posts, and it's clearly evident from the section. Beginning a vocabulary post with something like "and we're back" is like meeting somebody at a restaurant a few minutes late and sitting down and saying "I'm here". Well, duh, you're here. You're right there!

Today's word is "profluent". Firefox doesn't recognize it, and recommends "pro fluent", "pro-fluent", or "confluent". My Firefox recognizes it now though since I showed my Firefox who's boss. You might think that "profluent" and "confluent" would be antonyms, but they are not, any more than "progress" and "congress" are antonyms. Those are not antonyms and the bumper sticker industry is full of liars.

The definition:

flowing smoothly or abundantly forth.

An attempted example sentence:

It is Jack Zduriencik's intention - and just about every general manager's intention - to build a farm system that serves as a profluent stream of young talent.

That's PROF-luent, by the way, not PRO-fluent. You don't want to sound like a moron.