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Yesterday was a pretty good day for the Mariners. First we had this:


It was a short outing, and we can't be absolutely certain that the Peoria PITCHfx system is calibrated correctly, but this early in spring, I and others took that to be encouraging. There were reports over the winter that Hector Noesi was showing improved velocity, and yesterday seemed to back that up. As you can imagine, we need to see more before we can say anything definitive.

Beyond that, the Mariners got on the board in the first inning because Dustin Ackley walked, stole second base, and raced around to score on a Justin Smoak single. That's a sequence of events I'd love to write about several dozen times, even though it isn't the most interesting sequence of events, so the summaries towards the end would get pretty repetitive.

There was probably other baseball yesterday after the first inning and a half, but I don't know what happened and it's not important because yesterday was yesterday and today is today and today there is more baseball, between the Mariners and the Padres at 12:05pm. It's their annual charity game, and I know there are a lot of potential jokes to make here, but my mind has gone completely blank from over-stimulation. Maybe I'll sort some out and write about them later. You can follow the game on Gameday or on the radio, and here's the Mariners' starting lineup:

Figgins, CF
Kawasaki, SS
Seager, 3B
Carp, 1B
Montero, DH
Jaso, C
Rodriguez, 2B
Robinson, LF
Chiang, RF

I hope the charity benefits aren't proportional to the number of runs that get scored because I'll be perfectly honest with you, I've been more inspired. I just now realized that mistyping "Jaso" as "Jason" is going to be a season-long annoyance. I don't think I'm ever going to get as used to Jaso as I am to Jason. What the hell is Jaso? Also I just now realized that I don't really care how much money the charities get. I mean, I guess it's better if they get more, but it won't make any difference in my day, and some charities are worse than others.

Jason Vargas is getting the start on the mound, and he'll pitch until people get satisfactorily bored with him, at which point he'll yield to Brandon League or Charlie Furbush or Forrest Snow or somebody. That'll be sure to get everyone electrified.