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Okay, this isn't fair. The one time - the one time - I need to throw me a gimme, it gets all Aristotelian. I've mentioned before that I have a chemistry degree. This gives me certain advantages and certain disadvantages, with one of those disadvantages being that I know fuck all about philosophy. I did take a philosophy class once but all I remember is that Mulholland Drive was fucked up. There was a reason we were assigned to watch Mulholland Drive but that isn't a thing I remember. I'm hopeless with philosophy, and extra hopeless after having watched the Mariners play games at three and two in the morning. Right now, as I'm typing this, I am literally seeing double. The healthy thing to do would be to go to bed but I'm kind of curious to see where my brain's gonna go next.

Anyway, "eudemonia". That's today's word, and I guess I have to try to make the best of it. Thankfully, it seems to have a very simple definition, and even though I suspect this isn't a complete or satisfying definition, it's a definition I can work with. Actual eudemonia is probably nuanced. To hell with nuance!

1. happiness; well-being.

Okay. Eudemonia. Let's try this in an example sentence:

While we'll have instances of fleeting joy, we won't achieve true eudemonia as fans until the Mariners build a team that can score runs ever.

I've always been one of the people arguing that it's about overall value instead of simply scoring more runs, but it'd be great if the Mariners would score some more runs.