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When I first started this series, I kind of forgot that there would be baseball games. I think a lot of us kind of forgot that there would be baseball games. The offseason has this way of sucking you in and making you believe at least on some level that the games really are played on paper. Baseball's such a part of the daily routine, and then it's gone, and you forget about the daily routine. I don't remember where I was going with this but the fatigue literally just set in about five minutes ago. I felt it wash over me and there's no going back to how I was until I get some real sleep. Which won't be tonight.

I think the point of the beginning of that was that these posts were intended in part to help fill the void, and now with the season back there's no more void. But because these posts are pretty short I expect that they'll continue. Maybe I'll eventually stop writing these intros and they'll go even quicker. I still have no idea why I write these intros that don't say anything.

Today's word is "luxate". It's a pretty specific word, and while you might not be familiar with it, you might be familiar with "subluxate", which is obviously very closely related. The definition of the former:

to put out of joint; dislocate

A subluxation is a partial dislocation. A luxation is a complete dislocation. A very easy and boring example sentence:

Carlos Peguero swings with such force so much that one of these days he's going to luxate his shoulders.

He won't, though, because Carlos Peguero is freakishly strong and probably durable, such that where other players might get injured, Carlos Peguero will stay perfectly healthy. And thank God for that.