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Ask yourself, who truly owns whom?
Ask yourself, who truly owns whom?

Is this old news? I don't remember hearing about it until Jon Bois tweeted the below link, but since I do not have an Xbox LIVE account, nor a working Xbox (RIP ol' blinky), nor much of a desire for the product outside the longed for feature of a "Park" audio overlay to mute the announcers. So I might have tuned it out. I've also been out of the loop the past couple days being all up in our neighbor to the north, Canada. "Out of the loop" implies that this is all circular, which would make this all seem rather pointless. Why would you want to be in a loop? Loops are terrible.

So Xbox LIVE, already awesomely partnered with ESPN3, will starting this season also have access. It has previously been available on the Playstation line of Sony products and now Microsoft gets "in the game" (sports appropriate jargon). That's probably pretty awesome for a lot of people because the ESPN3 experience, that I've seen of it, stood out as a great bit of technology.

Of course, there are restrictions. You need an Xbox LIVE Gold account and you need that account in the US or Canada. You also need an Premium account. You also need an Xbox 360 I guess. And the local blackouts still apply. You can carp about that if you want, but whatever. It's a more complicated problem then you are probably giving it credit for. The TV networks sell local ads, not MLBAM and there's all kinds of hangups involving that. And that's just one of many things. So don't complain that you weren't warned ahead of time. But for those with still a desire for and/or Xbox LIVE, rejoice! Or celebrate mildly. Or do nothing. Or weep. Your choice, really.