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And here we're put in a somewhat awkward position. Today's word, at its heart, has to do with religion. It has to do with the Christian religion. But Lookout Landing is a religion-free space, like a Burger King, or San Francisco. If this community openly believes in anything, it believes in Felix Hernandez. Other beliefs are kept private, by rule. We don't allow even passing glances towards religion or politics because good things don't come of those things. At least not on sports blogs.

Still, the word of the day is the word of the day, so I'll do what I can. Today's word is "catechize". Thankfully it has multiple definitions. Here is one of them:

1. To question closely.

That's the most generic definition. "Interrogate" is listed as a synonym. So that's the definition we'll run with. You can become familiar with the more specific definition, but you aren't to talk about it here. An attempted example sentence:

I didn't think it was necessary for Eric Wedge to sit Chone Figgins down and catechize him about getting thrown out at third base, but after a play that dumb I'd want an explanation, too.

I almost wrote "catechize him for" instead of "catechize him about" but then I realized one could infer that "catechize" means "torture" or "kill". It doesn't, literally. By the way, it's pronounced CAT-ih-kize. Not, I don't know, kate-CHYZE. That would be one stupid pronunciation.