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Mariners Better than Red Sox, Rays and 22 Others

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Baseball America is a nifty little upstart company that began "when founding editor Allan Simpson started the magazine in his garage in White Rock, British Columbia." You may have heard of them before, though I'm not sure they should be allowed to market themselves under a moniker like "Baseball America" given their origins in British Columbia, what and/or wherever that is. A British version of Columbus?

Anyways, they're known to some for being obsessed with teenage boys and sometimes college co-eds. A web search for companies with similar interests got me in trouble with Human Resources for some reason so I caution you all not to follow my virtual footsteps down that path. Instead, you can follow them here, to today's release of BA's 2012 organizational talent rankings. The analysis and juicy stuff is behind the pay wall, but the 1-30 ranks are free for all of us to consume like so many determined carrion scavengers. Since it's free, here's their top ten.

1. Texas Rangers
2. Kansas City Royals
3. San Diego Padres
4. Arizona Diamondbacks
5. Toronto Blue Jays
6. Seattle Mariners [woohoo! suck it, teams below]
7. Oakland Athletics
8. Tampa Bay Rays
9. Boston Red Sox
10. St. Louis Cardinals

This is an auspicious day for the Mariners' organization. Last year, BA ranked them 18th. I see no way at all that ranking the Mariners sixth — perhaps an aggressive ranking to some — will come back to haunt Baseball America.