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I remember having such high hopes for this series at one point. Matthew and I had talked off and on about a mutual desire to expand our vocabularies. At his apartment a little while back I looked up "obsequious" because we had both forgotten what it meant (showing deference). That kind of set things in motion and spawned the idea of a daily vocabulary post. To highlight words like obsequious, obstreperous, and exanimate. That's something from which all of us could benefit.

But I tied myself to the Word of the Day. And I guess not every Word of the Day can be a winner. Yesterday's word was "carp", which doesn't seem good enough. Today's word is "vernal", which doesn't seem good enough. Topical, sure, but most people here probably know what vernal means. Equinoxes, and all that. So the benefit is limited.

Still, I made our bed, so let's sleep in it, all of us, together. The first definition of vernal:

1. of or pertaining to spring

Simple. A Mariners-relevant example sentence:

It is a vernal tradition by which we cast reason to the side and go into the season imagining the Mariners as contenders.

It is, too. You're going to do it, if you haven't started doing it already. Let it flow over you, like warm honey.