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Mariners And Reds, From Goodyear

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Hoo boy, I'm really cutting it close with this one, because I pretty much need to be heading out the door. Should've done this earlier. Now I'm rushing and panicking, which makes me less efficient, which makes me rush more and panic more, which makes me less efficient still. I will approach the end of this post, but I will not achieve the end of this post. It's so very mathematical.

Let's see, what do we have. The Mariners are playing the Reds at 1:05pm PDT, and this is a Gameday link. The game's being played in Goodyear Ballpark, which is a good name for a spring training ballpark. "You'll all have good years!" On a different note entirely, I knew that the Reds were known as the Redlegs, but I didn't know until recently that they changed from the Reds to the Redlegs because they didn't want to be associated with communism. By switching, only their legs would be associated with communism.

The Mariners' starting lineup:

Kawasaki, SS
Rodriguez, 2B
Carp, LF
Montero, C
Seager, 3B
Liddi, 1B
Catricala, DH
Peguero, RF
Wells, CF

With two games left before Japan, including this one, it's crunch time for bubble players. How they do may or may not make a difference with regard to whether they make the trip overseas, or make the active roster. It probably should not make a difference.

Starting for the Mariners is Kevin Millwood, followed by Hisashi Iwakuma. I don't know if we ought to read into the fact that Iwakuma is relieving, but probably not; I suspect the Mariners are just trying to find him innings. They haven't been thrilled with his spring. They haven't been thrilled with Millwood's spring, either. This rotation, you guys.

The Reds are starting Jeff Francis. Jeff Francis' fastball is dropping to Jamie Moyer levels. Jamie Moyer has 18 years on Jeff Francis.