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I've decided that, most of the time, these are going to be weekday things. By which I mean that, most of the time, these are not going to be weekend things. I realize that means we'll only learn 71.4 percent as much as we could, but 71.4 percent is better than zero percent (and a lot of percents!), and I like to pretend that I actually have weekends even though there's baseball every day. Baseball is kind of like Carlos Guillen's 2001 tuberculosis. You hardly mind it at first, but then it gets worse day after day, you're in constant agony after the first few months, and you don't get cured until October. Maybe I've been colored by recent seasons of Mariners baseball.

Today's word is "cant". Very simple. An example sentence:

The Mariners cant ever do anything right.

So that's not what "cant" means but you wouldn't believe how many times I typed that and had to delete an apostrophe. "Cant" actually tripped me up a little bit. It sounds like a very basic word, but it's not a very basic word. These kinds of words are great if you're familiar with them, but they're tricky if you're not. The first definition:

1. insincere, especially conventional expressions of enthusiasm for high ideals, goodness, or piety.

An attempted example sentence:

One of the more irritating Carlos Silva episodes was when he was canting on about leadership and professionalism while demonstrating none of his own.

And now I'm thinking about Carlos Silva with the Mariners. According to Baseball-Reference, Chone Figgins has posted a 0.6 WAR in a Mariners uniform. Carlos Silva came in at -3.1. That is the lowest WAR for any pitcher in Mariners history, and the third-lowest Mariners WAR overall, ahead of just John Moses and Dan Meyer. Over parts of 12 seasons, Meyer posted a career WAR of -9.0. His highest single-season WAR was +0.4.