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Hello there! I haven't done one of these in some time. I skipped all of last week because I was preparing for a talk and then I was in Arizona, and I decided that Word Learnin' would be an acceptable short-term sacrifice. Upon reflection, I can't believe I made anything a higher priority than learning. Learning is and should always be the highest priority! We were put here to learn! I mean, we weren't put here, like Lego men are put in Lego places and in non-Lego places, but if we have any purpose, it is to better understand that which can be understood. To understand, and to have a lot of productive sex. I don't make the rules. I just understand them, as per the rules.

Today's word is "carp", and honestly I think it's a pretty familiar word that I would have skipped were it not for the obvious reason not to skip it. I always try to come up with a Mariners-specific example sentence. Now we've been given a Mariners-specific word. The first definition:

1. to find fault or complain querulously or unreasonably; be niggling in criticizing; cavil

"Cavil" would've been good. I've never used "cavil" before. But "carp" is what we got, so, a sentence:

A lot of people have carped about the Mariners' plan to play Mike Carp in left field, but there's value in seeing, and if it doesn't work, they'll readjust.

Whatever. It's not the best sentence I've ever written, but do you know how long the odds are that I would come up with the best sentence I've ever written? I have written so many sentences. The odds that one would be the best are almost unthinkably small!