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Seven Players Woke Up Today to Moving Vans

Okay, so probably not literal moving vans. I doubt baseball players have to move their own junk, and it's not like they're actually going anywhere since this is Spring Training. It's a headline for the sake of imagery, don't be so literal all the time. The Mariners announced more cuts to the roster that began Spring at a billion.

Okay, so not literally a billion, but it was a lot and now there are seven fewer. Yes, seven players who as of a few hours ago still possibly harbored the dream of breaking camp with the Seattle Mariners will no longer have that opportunity. Matt Fox, Aaron Heilman, Sean Henn, Josh Kinney, Jeff Marquez, Oliver Perez and Trayvon Robinson are all now property of the minor league peeps in Peoria, or wherever. In case you don't notice, all but Robinson in that list are pitchers. So the rotation and bullpen are slowly coalescing — like a giant gas cloud collapsing and forming a greater celestial body — into pretty much exactly what we expected it to look like.

Each day that passes that Caros Peguero doesn't get cut makes me more and more accepting that he's going to break camp with the team. That's going to be one hell of a left field platoon, Wedge.

And that one I did mean literally.