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Three a.m. is Early

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Thanks to the size and rotational speed of this planet of ours, I had the great fortune of having to "wake up" (in quotes because I don't consider myself having actually gone to sleep) at 1am this morning in order to watch the Winter X Games Europe in France and think about my next trip to slopes somewhere. It was roughly two hours into that joy that I noticed it was 3am, Wednesday, exactly 14 days before Chone Figgins, presumably, stepped into the batter's box in Tokyo to watch the 2012 season begin.

I think before this morning that I had dealt with that oncoming start time in more of an abstract manner. I'm resilient, I thought to myself. Plus, thanks to the rigors of an engineering degree and the delirious pace I adopt while traveling, I have an established history of surviving on very little sleep over periods up to a week or so. I'll handle 3am twice no problem, I figured.

The obvious sitcom plot crutch would be that I totally bonked out at 3am and just now woke up or that I've been intaking coffee via IV. Neither of those happened. I try to avoid caffeine and, despite not being able to suppress constant yawns, I have handled it fine so far. But I can feel the effects (I hope this post is making sense) and frankly, 3am is just really damn early and makes me wonder how many others are willing to put up with that inconvenience in order to watch a Mariners game.

For a night owl like myself, 3am is almost the perfect middle point between trying to stave off going to sleep or trying to hit the proverbial hay early and hope that my body doesn't flat out reject the alarm in the morning. I'm still not sure which I'll choose come the 28th, but for now, what are your thoughts or plans?