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A dramatization of today's events, using past event photos
A dramatization of today's events, using past event photos

Jeff has staked his claim to some word learnin', but by no means are words all that there is to learn. There are also numbers. And so with Jeff gone to the valley of the sun and retirees, I take the helm of the ever-sinking ship Lookout Landing and present y'all with today's number of the day; seven!

SEVEN (seh-vehn) n.
1. The number seven.

Seven is an important number. With such starring roles as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Seven Samurai, The Seven Year Itch, The Seventh Seal, The Magnificent Seven, Seven Faces of Dr. Lao and Se7en, the number seven might be the most accomplished number in the film industry. Holy Hollywood!

Seven is also the number of days in a week, the atomic number of nitrogen and the number of colors in a rainbow. Why, it's almost too dang hard to believe that with all seven has going on for it, that it would stop by and take a brief moment today to be the number of runs that the Mariners beat down on some of the Milwaukee Brewers. It didn't look like seven's services would be needed today outside of its usual duty as an inning, but the Mariners just would not give up and scored five runs in the ninth frame and ended up with a 7-4 victory to stay atop the Cactus League standings.

I said some of the Milwaukee Brewers because the Brewers split up and played a second game today. They lost that one as well, 8-6 to the Mariners' co-leaders, the Athletics. The Brewers, faced with an onslaught of dominating baseball teams on two fronts decided to divide their forces and engage both. Bad move, Milwaukee. Have you learned nothing from history?

Michael Saunders provided the biggest oomph in today's attack with a pair of doubles. I could go into more, but this hardly matters. Spring Training numbers and beyond that, the Mariners showed up earlier than other teams and so theoretically have an advantage although, Mariners. I'm not saying be discouraged. I am saying, this stuff really doesn't matter and doesn't tell you anything about how the team will perform when the games actually count. I wish it did, because the Mariners are kicking ass. Take that, brewers. Have a nice time trying to ship your brews without the use of mariners. Yeah... I guess you could just use trucks, but I ain't see no Truckers!