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Two Game Threads In One

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The Mariners play two baseball games today, but they're both split-squad games, so in a way, the Mariners play one baseball game today, against two different opponents. I've decided I'm going to take this Saturday off from thinking so here are lineups. First, against the Dodgers at 12:05pm PT:

Figgins, SS
Ackley, 2B
Ichiro, RF
Smoak, 1B
Seager, 3B
Olivo, C
Saunders, CF
Wells, DH
Chiang, LF

That's with Hisashi Iwakuma starting and hopefully being good and more hopefully being very good. After Iwakuma there will be Mariners relievers, although you might think of Charlie Furbush as a Mariners starter. It really doesn't matter what you think. It really doesn't matter what you think.

Second, against the Diamondbacks again at 6:10pm PT:

Kawasaki, 2B
Ryan, SS
Carp, 1B
Montero, C
Catricala, 3B
Wilson, RF
Jimenez, DH
Chavez, LF
Ford, CF

That's with Erasmo Ramirez starting. And then Danny Hultzen is going to pitch, and Taijuan Walker is going to pitch, and James Paxton is going to pitch. Hell of a lineup of the Mariners' best pitching prospects. This game is taking place at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, and hopefully the Mariners' pitchers don't get distracted by the talking stick.

Talking Stick: Good luck today
Hultzen: Did that stick just-
Ryan: Don't worry about it.

First game's on the radio, live. Second game's on the radio online. I've been trying to think of a good Chone Figgins/split-squad joke by the way and I don't have anything. He's little, haha