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Name That Team

Yes, go indeed!
Yes, go indeed!

This post does not really have anything to do with the Mariners. Not every post needs to have anything to do with the Mariners, just because this is a Mariners blog. Stop being so one-track minded. I did. And now I'm writing this post.

There's lots of buzz that Seattle is working hard to get an NBA team and an NHL team. We've heard such buzz before, but it's seemed unusually intense of late. They wouldn't be getting a new NBA team or a new NHL team. Presumably, they would be getting the Sacramento Kings and the Phoenix Coyotes, respectively. There's no guarantee that Sacramento moves, and there's no guarantee that Phoenix moves, but my admittedly limited understanding is that their current situations could be best described with a word rhyming with brother-sucked. Actually that's gross. 'Nother-lucked. There we go, kind of!

Matthew and I talked about this on the podcast we recorded this morning (stay tuned brother-suckers). Let's go and get ahead of ourselves. Let's say Seattle gets an NBA team, and let's say Seattle gets an NHL team. I'm assuming that the NBA team would be called the Sonics, or the SuperSonics. I'm also assuming that, if it wouldn't, whatever, I don't care about basketball. What of the NHL team? What would the hockey team be called?

You wouldn't keep them as the Coyotes. They wouldn't be starting over from scratch as a roster, but they'd be starting over from scratch as a franchise. You wouldn't want to go back to the Metropolitans, since there's already another Metropolitans in baseball, and also that name sucks. As I talked about in the podcast and since I'm not above using ideas over again, 'Lahar' is a non-starter and 'Canucks' would be hilariously dickish but probably forbidden.

So, what are your ideas? If you were in charge for some reason, what would you name the hockey team? Why would you name it that? If offering a suggestion, please also offer an explanation.