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I probably shouldn't make a regular thing of writing these up so late. For example, a lot of people aren't going to read this post until Tuesday. They'll think that "flexuous" is the Word of the Day for Tuesday. It's actually the Word of the Day for Monday. Tuesday will bring another word, which I might write up earlier, causing all kinds of confusion. In this specific case, this introductory paragraph should prevent such confusion, but there won't always be this introductory paragraph.

I don't even know why there are introductory paragraphs. Maybe, in time, there won't be, since these posts don't need them, and in theory these things can be executed in like 30 seconds. I just don't like the naked feel of a post that's two or three lines long. So we end up with these paragraphs that say nothing about anything. Sure, the content actively makes the post worse, but look at all of that text! All of that impressive black text!

Word time. "Flexuous", pronounced FLECK-shoo-us. The definition:

full of bends or curves; sinuous.

"Sinuous" is another potentially unfamiliar word, so just imagine a sine wave. That's where that comes from (probably). An example sentence:

It was a study in contrasts, with Franklin Gutierrez running straight and graceful routes in center, and Carlos Peguero gawkily following more flexuous paths in left.

Writing that just got me really excited to watch Franklin Gutierrez play defense. Less excited to watch Carlos Peguero play defense, but thankfully I'm probably never going to have to do that ever again. Take balls, Carlos.