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We're back to give this another go, which means this series officially isn't going the way of Heil Honey I'm Home! But it could still go the way of Work It or Playboy Club. I don't intend for that to be the case, but you never know when I might up and die. And that would mean the end of this series, unless Matthew were to carry it on in my memory. I can think of better tributes, and worse tributes.

Because of the restrictions I put on myself, this series is at the mercy of If I'm wedded to their Word of the Day, then I have to go with their Word of the Day instead of some other word that sounds smart. Some Words of the Day will have more practical utility than others. I do not think that today's word is a word you would use very often, although in the word's defense, I was surprised by how easily I could put it to work.

Today's word is "hircine". That's pronounced HUR-sign. The first definition:

1. of, pertaining to, or resembling a goat.

So you see what I mean. Anyway, an example sentence:

Diminutive in stature and slender in frame, Chone Figgins suggests his true age with a hircine tuft that projects from his chin.

It's not a great example but you probably get it. Congratulations, now you know another way to say that somebody looks like a goat. Don't confuse "hircine" with the seemingly more common "hirsute". "Hirsute" means "hairy" and has far broader application. "Hircine" means "goat-like". You have to pick your spots.