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Mariners Rally Past Mariners For First Win, Loss

So <a href="!/PeoriaSportsCom/statuses/173934407755907072" target="new">apparently</a> Forrest Snow has that on his face
So apparently Forrest Snow has that on his face

The Seattle Mariners kissed themselves when Friday's intrasquad contest ended in a tie, and I'm realizing now this is one of the weirder sentences I've written in a while. It's already written, though, so in keeping with the theme, Sunday, the Seattle Mariners got around to beating themselves instead.

There was another intrasquad game today, and it saw the Mariners knock off the Mariners 7-3. I hope the joke where I keep on repeating "Mariners" for these things hasn't gotten old because we've got another two intrasquads yet to go. I don't know which Mariners team won and which Mariners team lost, but the Mariners team that won was at one point trailing the Mariners team that lost 2-0. It's nice to see that the Mariners are able to rally from an early deficit, although you'd like to know that the Mariners can hold on to an early lead.

Once again, there was no big news out of this thing, and there will never be any big news out of these things, but the biggest news out of all the non-news has already been written about in the post below this one. Franklin Gutierrez homered off Felix Hernandez in the first inning on a pitch that Felix says he left up. You can choose to ignore this the way we all ignore most of spring training, but I don't know why you'd want to - it's fun to believe in things, and a Franklin Gutierrez bounceback is something to believe in. It's better that Guti homered than if he didn't homer, right? Of course, I guess you could look at this in the opposite way and be worried about Felix instead of being encouraged about Guti, but, oh man, you are soooo depresssssing

Brendan Ryan left the game after fouling a ball off of his foot. He's not badly injured, but he does hurt a lot, so it's the same difference in the short-term. Think about the last time you stubbed your toe. You weren't actually hurt, right? But you hurt. If somebody asked you, you wouldn't say "no, I don't hurt." Brendan Ryan's probably going to be walking a little awkward, and God help him if he accidentally hits his foot in the wrong spot on a coffee table or a bed frame or something. I feel bad for Brendan Ryan's foot.

Dustin Ackley homered off Josh Kinney, who is not a bad pitcher. That's the most I can say about that showdown. Vinnie Catricala homered off Scott Patterson, who is not a bad pitcher, either. To be perfectly honest with you, there aren't any bad pitchers in camp. There are some pitchers who are worse than others, but the very worst pitcher in Mariners camp right now is amazing. If you were playing baseball recreationally, and the very worst pitcher in Mariners camp took the mound, you'd watch him and think "wow, that guy is incredible! Somebody should call a scout!" Professional pitchers are really good. Professional hitters are really good. You read that Vinnie Catricala homered off Scott Patterson and you don't think about how much talent was involved in the pitch-and-hit sequence.

In case you're curious how much the final score of an intrasquad game matters, here's an excerpt from the Mariners' blog:

Due to a pitch-count limit on Beavan, the inning ended with 2 runners on base and only one out. Beavan threw 1.1 innings (34 pitches/22 strikes).

Sean Henn was the only pitcher who didn't allow a baserunner. Philippe Valiquette struck out the side but also allowed two hits and uncorked a wild pitch, so he's in midseason form. At one point Geoff Baker confused Hector Noesi for Felix Hernandez, probably because of their terrible shared haircut. Mike Wilson struck out all three times he batted. He must know that these numbers aren't being recorded yet. Michael Saunders had a hit and two walks, which impels me to tell you that he reached base three times in the same game just twice last year as a Mariner.

Other things happened that I didn't and won't write about. I'll close with this, from the box score: