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This post is the beginning of a series. What I don't know is whether this series will go the way of The Simpsons, Arrested Development, or Heil Honey I'm Home! I honestly have no idea so we'll just see where the future takes us. The thing about the Internet is that it's a lot easier on the Internet than on television to put a stop to bad ideas, like Chelsea Handler.

I like to think that people learn a lot by hanging around here. A lot about baseball, a lot about statistics, and a lot about proper capitalization. That's great, because I'm pretty sure the reason people read sports blogs is so they can be enlightened. But knowing a lot about baseball isn't necessarily a life skill. A life skill would be, say, having a better vocabulary.

So I'm going to try to expand all of our vocabularies. Not just your vocabularies - our vocabularies, because I don't think that my vocabulary is very good. It's a source of disappointment and frustration when I read things written by far better writers. How am I going to try to do this? It's pretty easy. has a Word of the Day. Whenever I feel like it - which is today, and possibly on future days - I will grab that word, present the definition, and try to use it in a Mariners-relevant sentence. Because I probably won't be familiar with many of the words, many of the example sentences will probably be bad. For that I apologize, and in my defense please remember that I am a baseball blogger with a chemistry degree.

Today's word is "adamantine". I can tell that it's a more exotic word because Firefox is giving me the red squiggly underline. The first definition:

1. Utterly unyielding or firm in attitude or opinion.

An example sentence:

While Eric Wedge is going to let the rest of the lineup sort itself out, he is adamantine in his belief that Ichiro ought to bat third.

If you aren't familiar with "adamantine", you might be familiar with the far more common "adamant", which basically means the same thing. It's also worth noting that "adamantine" has other definitions, like:

2. Too hard to cut, break, or pierce.

Perseus was said to have decapitated Medusa with an adamantine sword given to him by Zeus. These are old words, and their usage in this way is considered archaic. That said, while I'm not a gamer, I'm guessing fantasy and medieval RPGs are all over this shit.

An attempted example sentence:

Facing Felix Hernandez, even a bat thought adamantine might be reduced to mere splinters.

I hope that you have learned something. If not, at least the last few minutes are minutes you didn't spend doing drugs, unless you frequently surf Lookout Landing while doing drugs. In which case, I'm flattered?