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Ponder the 2012 MLB Draft

Hey, you! Remember how the Seattle Mariners were quite awful at the baseball last season? Do you? Do you remember it well? If you don't, they were, and because they were, they will be selecting third in this year's amateur draft. It takes place in the first week of June amidst all sort of fanfare. No, I'm kidding. Almost nobody cares even though other people put it on television and stuff. People will put anything on television. Don't take that to mean it matters. It sort of does, but most of it matters in a way that you will know nothing about, so relax.

This morning Keith Law released (ESPN Insider) his first ranking of the top fifty players for this draft. There's also a list of 50 at (click on Top 50 Draft, dummy) and a list from Baseball America that has 100 names on it proving that it is twice as good. It is February and the draft is in June so do not be surprised when these lists are revised as the college and high school seasons play out. If you are, you must be very uncomfortable with any kind of change. That must make life difficult. How do you breathe?

Additionally, these lists do not match the preferences of the actual teams doing the actual drafting. Someone has already gotten way too worked up about where some of these players are ranked in these lists. You can, however, use these lists as a way to get familiar with the names of possible future Mariners, if that's your thing. It's okay, I won't judge you, out loud.

As mentioned, the Mariners go third but they have the Astros and Twins ahead of them so I assume those two will pick a head of red cabbage and Jim Generic-Pitcher, leaving the full crop of talent available, from which the Mariners then bungle it. This will be the fourth time in franchise history they draft third. The past selections have been Roger Salkeld (1989), Jose Cruz (1995) and Jeff Clement (2005). I can't wait for them to take a pitcher again and watch everyone flip out.

The Mariners' second pick falls at, I'm fairly sure, 64th as they lost nobody worth compensation and many other teams did many times. Not having talent sucks in more ways than just the obvious one.