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Sporcle the Peoria Mariners

Seriously kickass
Seriously kickass

Sporcle is fantastic and fun. And I'm not saying that just because they're paying me to. Because they aren't paying me. I've long been frustrated by all the tiny Caribbean and Pacific Ocean nations when trying to name all nearly 200 countries in their world geography quiz. They also have baseball-related quizzes and from time to time we might decide to point some of them out here.

They created one today covering the 67 players at Mariners' Spring Training. It was harder than I anticipated and I'll admit to eventually blanking on a couple names because, ultimately, why should I commit brain memory to all 67 of those guys when I could apply those neural pathways to something more interesting, like magnetars? If you believe that you can name all 67 without cheating, or just want to kill ten minutes (right, like you'll do just one quiz), I recommend trying it out. I'll even start you out with a name. Felix Hernandez is one of the 67.

You're welcome.