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Mike Wilson Returns to Tacoma, Eventually

After picking through his available options (few), outfielder Mike Wilson decided to accept a Minor League deal with the Mariners and has now been given a Spring Training invite with the figurative big boys, bringing the total in camp up to 67 players. Literally they're probably all actually smaller boys than him. Mike Wilson is a big man is what I'm communicating here.

Wilson was designated for assignment along with Chris Gimenez when the signings of Shawn Camp and Hong-Chih Kuo created a 40-man roster crunch. It was smart of the Mariners' front office to sign two players simultaneously. This way, Mike Wilson doesn't know which of the two exactly caused him to be DFA'd and thus both are safe from his terrible wrath.

So JY breathes a deep sign of relief, because really, who likes change? Mike Wilson will once again head to Tacoma once everyone else* heads there as Spring Training ends later in March. It caught me off guard to note that Mike Wilson is still only 28. This will be his age 29 season but his birthday of June 29 is right at the baseball age cutoff line. I guess it's not crazy to think that Wilson still has a chance at getting his chance, somewhere, sometime. Another .971 Triple-A OPS wouldn't hurt.

*everyone else = Tacoma Rainier personnel. I do not mean to imply that every literal resident of Tacoma is currently in Peoria.