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Seattle city Press Conference on New Arena

Writer's rendition. May not reflect image of actual sports commissioners.
Writer's rendition. May not reflect image of actual sports commissioners.

Here is an open thread for the press conference and any other related material you want to discuss. The talking scheduled to begin at 2pm local time. Live cast links:

King5 (video + audio)
Kiro7 (video + audio)
710 ESPN (audio) (video + audio)

I note that, removed a bit in time from the initial surprise of such progress in discussions, this is after all only talk about a new arena. There aren't teams yet, nor are they guaranteed. I think both the NBA and NHL should want to be in Seattle. I have total faith that the market here is better than currently inhabited markets. However, neither league is likely to expand and relocation still do have to go through the commissioners. So there's still David Stern and Gary Bettman in the way. I mean, what could go wrong with those two involved, right?

Still, this is new development and gaining teams in those leagues would be a significant boon to the neighborhood economy. Roughly they'd go from 100 distinct sporting event days per year to about 150. I'm collecting some select quotes and statements below the fold.

"We support anything that is good for the Seattle community and downtown development. Both the Seahawks and Sounders believe that the economic and cultural benefits of professional sports are a central and important contributor to any community's growth." - Seahawks president Peter McLoughlin and Sounders owner/general manager Adrian Hanauer
"It was a sad day when the Sonics left Seattle, a move I opposed. It's exciting to think about the NBA coming back to Seattle and renewing the rivalry with the Portland Trail Blazers. However, it is too early for me to comment any further without a specific plan or proposal to review." - Paul Allen

Those were grabbed from Danny O'Neil's story in the Times.

"There's probably good potential for Seattle as a hockey market, but we are not looking to relocate and we’re not looking to expand." - Gary Bettman