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Goodbye, Chris Gimenez

When the offseason began, there was Miguel Olivo, there was Adam Moore, and there was Chris Gimenez. Olivo was a veteran workhorse, but he was only one guy, and he needed some rest. Moore was coming off a major injury. Gimenez was in a promising albeit strange position. He probably knew that the Mariners needed to upgrade behind the plate, but as long as the Mariners didn't upgrade behind the plate, he'd be in line for some Major League playing time. He had certain people within the organization on his side.

The Mariners upgraded. They traded for John Jaso. Still, Gimenez re-signed after being non-tendered. They traded for Jesus Montero. That did it. Or, that might have done it. Gimenez was designated for assignment when the Mariners brought in one of their relievers. He cleared waivers, and, rather than accept an assignment to triple-A, he's opted to make himself a free agent.

Greg Johns:

Former Mariners catcher Chris Gimenez [...] has cleared waivers and declined being optioned to Triple-A by the Mariners. That makes the veteran a free agent eligible to sign with any club when his 10-day window is up on Thursday. It appears likely he could end up with the Pirates, where his versatility may be more useful in the National League.

Something tells me Johns has a lead with regard to that Pirates thing, since I doubt he'd speculate otherwise. The Pirates have Rod Barajas and a handful of guys you've probably never heard of. That's not a shot against you - I just don't know why a selection of Mariners fans would be familiar with the works of Michael McKenry, Eric Fryer and Jose Morales. I thought Jose Morales sounded familiar until I remembered that Jose Molina is a person and, more importantly, a different person.

So Gimenez looks to be gone. Where once there was an opportunity, there is no longer much of an opportunity, and Gimenez or Gimenez's agent recognizes that. Olivo, Jaso and Montero will handle the job in the Majors. Moore and Guillermo Quiroz will handle the job in Tacoma. Space is at a premium.

I wonder how Gimenez is going to be remembered as a Mariner. I wonder if Gimenez is going to be remembered as a Mariner. I wonder if he'll be one of those guys you see on the team's Baseball-Reference page in a year or two or three and you think to yourself "wow I completely forgot about that." Like Chris Shelton and Denny Stark and Bill Hall in 2009. Those guys were Mariners in 2009! I vaguely remember Hall, because he looked like shit in the outfield. I don't remember the other two doing anything at all.

If Gimenez is to be remembered, it'll be for his toughness. Remember, he played through a strained oblique on June 28. He then went on the DL and didn't come back until September 4. There are times when I get frustrated with players when they play through injuries, but Gimenez didn't have much of a choice, and he did something a hell of a lot tougher than I can recall doing myself. Toughness scores points. Toughness creates memories. Chris Gimenez could be remembered as a tough Mariner.

Or he could be remembered as the Cleveland Indian who took a home run away from Michael Saunders in Saunders' first-ever game. Who knows if that's what ruined Saunders forever. Two days later, Gimenez allowed a Kendrys Morales fly ball to bounce off his glove and go over the wall. Most recently, Chris Gimenez was a tough Mariner. Less recently, Chris Gimenez was a bitch.

Now he's a free agent. Soon he'll be a Pirate, probably. If he does sign with Pittsburgh, he'll report to camp along with Jeff Clement, who is a 28-year-old non-roster invitee. I wish Gimenez the best of luck, because I have no reason not to wish him the best of luck, except for that one thing from a few years ago. That was annoying. I hope Gimenez does well and has one annoying thing happen to him, like the Pirates completing a trade for A.J. Burnett.