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From Baker, the other day:

The one bit of news Wedge did let drop is that he's leaning heavily towards Jason Vargas starting the second game in Japan against the Oakland Athletics.

"We're probably looking at Vargas right now in regards to the first couple of games,'' Wedge said.

From a Brad Lefton feature on Hisashi Iwakuma:

"I found [Jack Zduriencik] a funny and engaging guy, easy to talk to," Iwakuma recalls. "He told me the team was opening the season in Japan and he'd like to see me start one of those games. I really appreciated that."

Option 1
Iwakuma over Felix for the season opener! The Mariners were genuine!

Option 2
Iwakuma starts one of the exhibition games in Japan. The Mariners were not ungenuine.

Option 3

The good news passed along in Lefton's piece is that Iwakuma says his shoulder is fine now after getting injured last season. But then Justin Smoak said he was fine while his batting average plummeted to .218 so maybe everybody's just a big fat liar.