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Seattle Mariners Trade Partners

I'm going to tell you a little story. It is a little story about how much I love Baseball-Reference. Not long ago, I was screwing around on Baseball-Reference. Ms. Jeff and I had plans. I got a call from Ms. Jeff, saying she would be later than anticipated. I was happy, because I got to screw around on Baseball-Reference for longer. That is how much I love Baseball-Reference.

Baseball-Reference has this tool. It actually has a zillion tools, but it has this one particular tool that allows you to look at all the trades ever made between two teams. You can play around with it here. I'd seen it before, but not for a while, and I was re-introduced to it today. It is an excellent tool, and pasted below is a table in descending order of how often the Mariners have traded with each other team since they came into existence. I believe it only tracks Major League trades, but we only really care about Major League trades. Off we go!

Indians 17
Padres 17
Tigers 16
Mets 16
Pirates 16
Red Sox
Yankees 13
Twins 13
Phillies 12
Royals 11
Rangers 11
Nationals 11
Astros 11
Giants 11
Reds 10
Dodgers 10
White Sox 9
Braves 9
Cubs 9
Blue Jays 7
Orioles 7
A's 7
Rockies 6
Brewers 6
Rays 5
Marlins 4
Cardinals 4
Angels 3
Diamondbacks 2

It's hardly a surprise to see the Padres at the top. There was a phase where it felt like the Mariners only ever traded with the Padres, and they made a new trade every month. The Padres are tied with the Indians, which is a little more of a surprise, but still not a big surprise. One of those trades brought the Mariners Jason Davis. Remember Jason Davis? I do, now.

Thanks to this exercise, I learned about the following pair of transactions:

June 27, 1993
Mariners trade Jeff Darwin and Henry Cotto to Marlins for Dave Magadan

November 9, 1993
Mariners trade Dave Magadan to Marlins for Jeff Darwin and cash

And that's how you turn Henry Cotto into cash.

The Diamondbacks are at the bottom. One reason that the Diamondbacks are at the bottom is because they just haven't been around that long. But then, the Mariners have swung five trades with the Rays. The last move the Mariners made with the Diamondbacks was dealing Ryan Langerhans for cash considerations. Before that, the only other move the Mariners have made with the Diamondbacks was dealing Greg Colbrunn and cash for Quinton McCracken. The Mariners gave up a first-round draft pick to sign Greg Colbrunn. Greg Colbrunn was a 33-year-old bench bat. The Mariners signed him when they already had John Olerud and Edgar Martinez.

Finally, the team the Mariners have gone the longest without trading with is the Angels. The Mariners have made a trade with every other team at least once since 2006. The haven't made a trade with the Angels since March 25, 1996, when they acquired Ricky Jordan for cash considerations. Jordan was a roster casualty in spring training. He was sent to the Mariners by general manager Bill Bavasi. He would bat 31 times with the Mariners, providing seven hits and a walk. He would never play in the Majors again.