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Rate the Mariners' Off Season

The Seattle Mariners might be done making impactful moves to the Major League roster this winter. The Seattle Mariners off season so far.

Released: David Aardsma, Dan Cortes
Lost: Jeff Gray
Traded: Michael Pineda, Jose Campos, Josh Lueke

Signed: Darren Ford, Matt Fox, Steve Garrison, Chris Gimenez, Jarrett Grube, Aaron Heilman, Sean Henn, Hisashi Iwakuma, Josh Kinney, Jeff Marquez, Kevin Millwood, Scott Patterson, Oliver Perez, Guillermo Quiroz, Luis Rodriguez, George Sherrill, Phillippe Valiquette, Munenori Kawakasi
Traded For: Jesus Montero, Hector Noesi, John Jaso

Now obviously, many or all of us who are Mariner fans would have liked the winter to have gone better. I wish the Yankees had accepted Jason Vargas instead of Michael Pineda. I wish I didn't have a cold right now. I wish some asshole or group of assholes were not shooting sea lions.

Those are among things that I wish. However, that all three have occurred does not mean I am discontent with how things are. Except for that sea lion one because seriously, I hope whoever is doing that gets flayed. But I am fine with the Michael Pineda trade because I think it's within the realm of fair value and I am okay with my current cold because I probably only have it due to a week spent in snowy and fun Colorado. Being satisfied does not mean that you cannot envision better or did not wish for better. It means that circumstances are, on balance, roughly agreeable.

Given all that important preamble, judging against the baselines of your expectations at the conclusion of the 2011 regular season, how do you feel about the Mariners' off season so far?