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Graph: Home Run Rates by Vertical Pitch Location

When I was talking with Jeff last Friday about the day's posting schedule, he mentioned the upcoming Furbush post and how he was having trouble finding something interesting to take away from it. Never minding that I think he did come up with two very important questions — not just for Furbush but for many things — Jeff's post actually touched off a mini brush fire of interest for me because it got me thinking a lot about home run rates.

There's a couple posts coming here on that matter, but first I want to direct your attention to one I wrote up for FanGraphs since it dealt less with Charlie Furbush or the Mariners and more with baseball in general. I examined how home run rates change based on where pitches are located vertically. I expected the result that I found, but not the magnitude that I did. Check it out; it has a graph!