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Michael Pineda Traded, Jesus Montero Also Traded

Dinger hitter!
Dinger hitter!

I'm not writing that as "Michael Pineda Traded For Jesus Montero" because it doesn't look like this is straight up. MLB says that the Mariners and Yankees are finalizing a four-player trade, and Greg Johns says a source tells him the Mariners are including Jose Campos, and the Yankees are including Hector Noesi. So that's what we have. But barring some complete surprise in a physical, Michael Pineda is gone, and Jesus Montero is replacing him (but not really).

We're going to have longer reaction posts later on. Obviously, this is the sort of move that you can't wrap your head around in an instant. Pineda is a top young starting pitcher with five more years of team control. Montero is a top young hitter with six more years of team control (haha!). Campos and Noesi are players too. There are only four players involved - two on each side - but there's so much here. So many countless angles.

But my instant reaction is "I think I'm okay with it but I definitely don't love it." Pineda, obviously, has concerns. He doesn't have a changeup. More important than anything else, he's a hard-throwing young starting pitcher who faces a bunch of health questions. But it's not like Montero is some sort of sure thing. Is he a catcher? Is he a first baseman? Is he a DH? What to make of his .843 OPS in triple-A?

Montero is very young, with very big power, and I'm ecstatic that he's going to play for the Mariners, somewhere. The cost, though, is high, and ultimately what I think makes me the happiest is fuck you, PRINCE FIELDER WATCH, I'm done with you forever!