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Welcome to 2012

A new year is an arbitrary marking of the inevitable passage of time. January 1 lacks an intrinsic significance beyond its date as the beginning of a Gregorian month. If the civil calendar began on one of the two solstices, I could see the sense in that since marking the days of either the most or least daylight has a natural symbolism that I find appropriate to counting trips spaceship Earth marks around our sun. For now though, I'm stuck with what we have, possibly still being influenced nearly 2200 years later by Roman consulship.

That's not much of a matter however because the date itself serves only as a placeholder for a larger idea. A notion or reminder to remember that time marches on and not to take it for granted that you will always have more. I memory gaze back on the events of 2011 and in the baseball world it was quite barren of Mariners-related joy and that's no outlier to what we fans have become adjusted, possibly inured, to. The strain of which might be getting to some of us.

No matter what happens though, baseball is still just a game, a game we're here to share over. And for that, through the highs and (many more) lows, I'm glad Lookout Landing exists and exists with the people that it does. I hope 2012 is filled with a larger number of Mariner wins of course, but I more hope that it's filled with events and memories that we collectively enjoy, even if that does involve laughing at our own team's misfortune.

Smell ya later, 2011. 'Sup 2012!