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A Preliminary Look at a Baseball Game to be Played Later Today (Maybe)

MARINERS (63-89) Δ Ms INDIANS (75-75) EDGE
HITTING (wOBA) -159.3 (30th) -6.2 -50.6 (25th) Cleveland
FIELDING 30.7 (5th) 0.3 15.5 (10th) Seattle
ROTATION (tRA) 21.5 (9th) -0.6 -30.0 (22nd) Seattle
BULLPEN (tRA) -11.7 (27th) -0.2 1.5 (10th) Cleveland
OVERALL(RAA) -118.7 (26th) -6.8 -63.6 (22nd) CLEVELAND

Mariners current draft spot: 4th

First of all, here's the current weather radar for the Cleveland area:

And the hour-by-hour chance of precipitation is listed at 90% by Weather Underground with chances of thunderstorms throughout the day. The tarp is already out, but the word is that they will play this game no matter what, which is an intriguing possibility, but in reality probably means they slog through some sprinkles, take a break for real rain at some point and call it after six or so. I kind of want them to postpone it, just for the hilarity of this one day side trip to Cleveland being completely for naught. Of course, it's perfectly sunny here in Seattle.

Mon 19 Sep 13:05


With the one game nature of this trip and a couple guys ailing, here's the penciled in lineup for today

Ichiro RF
Rodriguez SS
Carp 1B
Olivo C
Seager 2B
Pena DH
Liddi 3B
Robinson CF
Gimenez LF

Wedge should have DH'd Ichiro again and had Pena play right field. Why not? Seriously? What, is the league going to accuse him of throwing the game or something? Are Mariner fans, all two who will watch this, be upset? I'd find it entertaining and since this is a day game that I get to watch on TV (assuming it's on TV. Is it on TV?), I want to be entertained.

Also I guess blah blah, Charlie Furbush looking like a possibly decent back-end starter of late. Can he continue that while yada yada, you know the spiel. Just enjoy the game if that's your thing. No need to make something more out of it. It's baseball, and there's not much more Mariner baseball left in 2011 and that's good because this team is bad but also bad because that means the end of a familiar almost daily comfort and routine. But that can be good too. Examine your life. Could you be doing more? You could probably be doing more. You're reading this, so that means you could be doing more. A puppy died of neglect while you were reading this. You bastard.