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Series Preview: Seattle Mariners @ Texas Rangers

MARINERS (49-64) Δ Ms RANGERS (64-51) EDGE
HITTING (wOBA) -128.9 (30th) -4.2 64.1 (4th) Texas
FIELDING 24.7 (4th) 0.6 19.5 (10th) Seattle
ROTATION (tRA) 34.6 (5th) 5.2 43.3 (3rd) Texas
BULLPEN (tRA) -5.8 (19th) 1.1 -17.0 (26th) Seattle
OVERALL(RAA) -75.5 (25th) 2.7 109.9 (4th) TEXAS

It was just over a month ago that The Streak began. Since then, over the last 32 days, the Mariners lost around 35 runs in hitting, 8 runs in the rotation and 10 runs in the bullpen.

As a side note, while I don't have confident park factors for the newly rebuilt Cheney Stadium yet, the regressed single-year factors put the Tacoma Rainiers at a .389 wOBA. That's the entire team's wOBA mind you. The Seattle Mariners have a park-adjusted wOBA of .289. Only Dustin Ackley has an individual wOBA above what Tacoma's team wOBA is. Tacoma, meanwhile, is the only Seattle affiliate at A-ball or higher with a team wOBA above league average. Fun times are surely ahead y'all. 

Mon 08 Aug 17:05


Charlie Furbush looks amazing, but it's based off essentially one start, so don't go wild. Premature Furbush excitement is just about the worst. 

Tue 09 Aug 17:05


These two faced each other in the second series of the season and neither have changed all that much over the course of their first season in a big league rotation. However, neither has had much impetus to change or develop as they have both mostly dominated. They have thrown nearly the same number of pitches and faced nearly the same number of batters this year. Pineda holds the edge in strikeouts, missed bats and strike percentage. Ogando edges him in fewer walks, and has more ground balls. Ogando -- a Minor League rule five pick by the Rangers from the Athletics in 2005 by the way -- is five years older however.

Wed 10 Aug 17:05


Jason Vargas' awful streak of four starts to close out July had come to dominate my impression of his 2011 until just now when I looked at his game log and split it into his first 12 starts and last 11 starts. Over his first 12, covering basically April and May, Vargas threw 64% strikes, had a 7% swinging strike rate, a 3.96 ERA and two strikeouts (exactly) for every walk. Over his last 11, covering basically June and July, Vargas threw 67% strikes, had an 8% swinging strike rate, a 4.08 ERA and over three strikeouts for every walk.

Possibly just because they've been more recent, or were roped in with The Streak, the 12-hit 3-HR game against Texas and the 5-walk game against Toronto are the starts I remember from Vargas. What I had forgotten about was the four times already that Vargas has pitched nine innings with nary a run scoring. It's a crude measure, but Vargas has five starts with a 75-or-better game score in 23 attempts. Felix has five in 25. Vargas isn't better than Felix obviously, it just caught me off guard to recall how good Vargas has been on occasion.