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Series Preview: Seattle Mariners @ Anaheim Angels

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MARINERS (48-62) Δ Ms ANGELS (61-51) EDGE
HITTING (wOBA) -124.8 (30th) 5.4 -21.6 (18th) Anaheim
FIELDING 24.1 (4th) 2.2 19.3 (8th) Seattle
ROTATION (tRA) 29.4 (5th) 2.4 40.4 (4th) Anaheim
BULLPEN (tRA) -6.9 (18th) -1.6 -2.3 (16th) Anaheim
OVERALL(RAA) -78.2 (26th) 8.3 35.8 (11th) ANAHEIM

Dear Santa, I've tried to be a good boy this past year. I stopped killing ants with that magnifying glass you got me last year because momma told me it wasn't nice and how would I feel if I were one of those ants and some mean boy killed me. I hadn't thought of that. So I stopped and now I try extra hard not to step on any of them when I'm talking either. My friend Tony stepped on just the other day and I think he did it on purpose and so I told him that wasn't very nice. Also, I've been nicer to my sister this year even though she's sooo annoying sometimes. But I let her have some of my old toys that I no longer play with because I'm older now. I think maybe that means you don't have to bring her as much stuff this year, which kinda saves room for more stuff for me? Anyways, what I really really really want this year is a sweep of the Angels. I hate them and they said really mean things about you so you should hate them too.

Fri 05 Aug 19:05


I wonder if Jason Vargas got his second set of lucky socks back from Doug Fister before the trade. I hope so, because Vargas could use all the lucky socks he can make.

Sat 06 Aug 18:05


All I have wanted -- aside from massive blowout victories that so demoralize the Angels that they collectively decide that beet farming would make for a more productive use of their time -- when the Mariners played Anaheim this season was to get to watch their horrible pitchers. They have their share. Scott Kazmir is the obvious one, but he's long gone. And Joel Pineiro has suffered a massive down season lately as he simply cannot get strikeouts (he has two in four starts since the All-Star Break), but the real prize for me has been Tyler Chatwood.

Tyler Chatwood is really bad. He has 20 starts this season so far and in 10 of them he has walked (excluding intentional ones even) or hit more batters than he's struck out. In eight, he has done the opposite and in two he has matched totals. Tyler Chatwood has 55 walks, 5 hit batters and only 60 strikeouts.

Sun 07 Aug 12:35


At the moment, Felix is on pace to just barely break the 250-inning mark in 2011 thanks in part to a projected 35 starts compared to 34 last season when he finished one out away from 250. In the 2000s, only one other pitcher has eclipsed 250 innings in the American League and that's Roy Halladay who we've established is a robot. The last human to do it was, believe it or not (and you should because it's true), Scott Erickson in 1998.