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Jack Wilson Given To Braves

Running to Atlanta
Running to Atlanta

In case you hadn't heard, news has come down just in advance of the playoff roster eligibility deadline that the Seattle Mariners have traded Jack Wilson to the Atlanta Braves.

The least interesting angle of this trade is the return. The Mariners will receive a player to be named later - surely of little consequence - and a tiny bit of salary relief. For all intents and purposes, Wilson was handed away like a small gift.

A slightly more interesting angle of this trade is that Wilson was traded while on the disabled list. Players have always been able to get traded while on the disabled list, of course, but at the same time, there's always been that question. People are always unsure. Let this serve as your proof: players can be traded while on the disabled list. It doesn't happen often, but it happens.

And the most interesting angle of this trade is that, thanks to a last-minute maneuver, Jack Wilson might finally make it to the playoffs. Wilson has played 1,313 Major League games in his career without a single playoff appearance, which is the third-highest total among active players. His odds weren't looking good in 2011, either, especially when he landed on the DL a short while ago, but off he goes to Atlanta, as the Braves have been in need of a utility infielder. Their backup shortstop is Julio Lugo, and Julio Lugo is terrible. Jack Wilson isn't a whole lot better than terrible, but he is better, and better is good. Better should get him added to the playoff roster, so long as he's healthy.

And that makes me feel good. It's weird in a way that it does, since Wilson was nothing but a disappointment during his time in Seattle. Jack Wilson, Seattle Mariner, hit .243/.278/.304 with one home run that I can't believe I forgot. He made a lot of money, and he missed a lot of games. But Jack Wilson, from everything I've ever heard, is still a great dude, if a confused and emotional one sometimes, and I like when good things happen for great dudes. I'm happy for Wilson as a person that he'll probably get to play in October, since I imagine that's been a life-long dream.

This is a trade of pretty much zero on-field consequence for the Mariners, but it brightened my day just a little. Maybe it brightened yours. Good for Jack Wilson, and I hope his next several weeks are everything he's ever wanted them to be.