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A Casper Wells Curiosity

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I don't have any insight here, at least not yet. This is just something I noticed over the course of the afternoon.

AA: 680 plate appearances, 25% strikeouts
AAA: 460 plate appearances, 26% strikeouts
Majors: 233 plate appearances, 21% strikeouts


AAA: 71% contact
Majors: 76% contact

In the upper minors, Wells struck out in a quarter of his trips to the plate, and he swung and missed pretty often. So far in the Majors, he's reduced his strikeout rate and improved his contact rate. (The two points are obviously related.) This is not something we expect to observe.

Has Wells made an adjustment? Is his Major League strikeout rate for real, or is it a fluke? I don't know. We'll find out. This is just a little weird is all.