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The Return Of Brendan Ryan And The Departure Of Others

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Does anything you ever do look normal
Does anything you ever do look normal

Friday brings some good news, some worse news, and some nothing news of which it is impossible to have any opinion. First of all, from @Pravda:

place shortstop Jack Wilson on 15-day DL with a severely bruised left heel...activate SS Brendan Ryan from the disabled list.

Ryan is back and ready to go, although he isn't in the starting lineup tonight. Lately he's been taking some swings and apparently his shoulder feels at least most of the way back to normal. Injuries such as the one that he had can be worrisome, but the fact that the M's brought him back this quickly even though they're playing for nothing suggests that he should be fine. It is possible that his power output could be reduced for a short time. Oh no!

Unfortunately, while Ryan is back, Jack Wilson is the opposite of that. Wilson landed funny on first base Wednesday night trying to leg out a groundball, and immediately began limping around. Though he stayed in the game, two days later, here we are. I wouldn't say this is unfortunate for us or the Mariners so much, since with Ryan back Wilson doesn't have a regular job, but this really blows for Wilson.

In the month of August, mostly playing short in Ryan's place, Wilson batted 13-for-40 with five doubles. He was doing what he could to make himself appealing to a contender, and though he never had great odds of seeing the playoffs, this only reduces them even further. In theory, Wilson could still be moved while on the DL. Or, in theory, Wilson could still be moved in September, and then make the playoff roster due to somebody else's injury. But neither of those are very likely at all. The smart money's on Jack Wilson's 2011 season ending without a playoff berth, just like his 2010 season, and all his seasons previous.

And in unrelated news, the recently DFA'd Aaron Laffey will not be making a trip to the minors. Instead he'll be joining the Major League branch of the most successful organization in North American sports, as he's been claimed off waivers by the Yankees. Laffey will immediately become a part of the Yankees bullpen, joining former Mariner Rafael Soriano and former-Mariner-if-you're-not-paying-close-attention Luis Ayala. Let it be understood that a pitcher who wasn't good enough to stick with the Mariners has landed with the New York Yankees.

Girardi: Soriano always just seems so depressed.
Girardi: So glum, so despondent.
Cashman: Have you tried cheering him up?
Girardi: Like with a cake?
Cashman: Not really, but-
Girardi: We got him a cake. He didn't touch it.
Cashman: Have you tried telling jokes to him?
Girardi: Jokes?
Cashman: Jokes. Haha jokes.
Girardi: Nobody can tell jokes.
Cashman: What does that mean?
Girardi: Nobody on our team can tell jokes.
Cashman: Well
Cashman: Well I'm out of ideas.
Girardi: Yeah.
Secretary: Mr. Cashman, the Mariners have designated Aaron Laffey for assignment.
Girardi: So?
Cashman: His name is Laffey!
Girardi: Yes?
Cashman: That's basically like a joke!
Girardi: I don't think that-
Cashman: I'm going to sign him, because he's going to make Soriano laugh!
Girardi: That is very stupid.
Cashman: Are you a scientist?
Girardi: Are you a scientist?
Cashman: Are you a scientist?
Girardi: Are you a scientist?
Cashman: Are you a scientist?
Girardi: Are you a-what the hell man
Cashman: I'm going to sign him and he's going to make everything better.
Girardi: You know that Hector Noesi doesn't do what you thought he'd do, right