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Assorted Wednesday Mariner Notes

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You look stupid
You look stupid

This is basically like a continuation of last night's bullet holes, only they don't all have to do with the game, and I'm not writing them at 1:30 in the morning. Of course, I'm generally more awake and alert at 1:30 in the morning than I am in the middle of the day, which is why all my friends call me Opossum. It's one of several reasons why all my friends call me Opossum. Jeff "Opossum" Sullivan, they call me.

  • One noticed that Miguel Olivo was removed in the middle innings of last night's game. He took a foul tip to the helmet off the bat of Edwin Encarnacion, and though he stayed in for the time being, he struck out at the plate a few minutes later, and a few minutes after that, he was replaced by Josh Bard. Said Eric Wedge:

    He got his bell rung pretty good on that foul ball and he just didn't look right when he was swinging the next inning.

    In the at bat in question, Olivo struck out swinging on four pitches. Only Eric Wedge is capable of telling the difference between Miguel Olivo swinging terribly because he got his bell rung, and Miguel Olivo swinging terribly because he's Miguel Olivo.

    The whole idea of getting one's bell rung is weird to me, by the way. I understand what it means, but ultimately, bells are meant to be rung, and heads are not. Instead of saying "Olivo got his bell rung," we should say something like, I dunno, "Olivo got his soda shaken," or "Olivo got his smartphone wet."

  • As noted previously, Casper Wells has now homered in four consecutive games, with three of those homers clearing the left-center power alley. His slugging percentage as a Mariner is .682. But Wells' isn't the only remarkable 4+ game streak of the season. Some others:

    -Miguel Olivo, 5 games without striking out (7/21 - 7/25)
    -Chone Figgins, 5 games with a hit (5/13 - 5/19, 4/26 - 4/30)
    -Jack Cust, 5 games with a walk (5/7 - 5/12)
    -Adam Kennedy, 94 games without dying (4/3 - present)
    -Dan Cortes, 6 games without a strikeout (5/7 - present)

    Not to get ahead of myself, but if Wells somehow homers again tonight, he'll be one of five Mariners ever to go at least five consecutive games, with Jay Buhner having done it twice. And if Wells then homers on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, too, then he'll have the record! He's so close!

  • The Mariners own the AL's fourth-highest OPS in August, at .766, and have averaged better than four and a half runs scored per game. That's the upside. The downside is that they've done so with a .353 BABIP, which is obviously not going to sustain. However, after posting sub-.280 BABIPs through each of the first four months of the season, I'd say the Mariners deserve something like this. So they're hitting a little over their heads. So what? They hit so far under their heads for so long that they developed a hunchback.

    The AL's second-lowest August OPS belongs to the Angels. Haha Angels! Now you see what it's like!

  • Kyle Seager has put 38 balls in play so far as a Mariner. Here's where they have gone:


    Seager's drawn a few walks. He's made a fair amount of contact. But looking at that chart, it's not surprising that all ten of hits hits have been singles. There's a little power in that body of his, but there's not much, and if he wants to cut it as a starter down the road, the other elements of his game will have to be quite good.

  • Dustin Ackley is "slumping," in that he has eight hits in his last 11 games. Over those 11 games, he's also drawn nine walks and posted a .354 OBP. This is just another one of the countless reasons why it's so important for players to have a good concept of the strike zone. When players who have a good concept of the strike zone go into a hitting slump, they can still contribute to the team. Ackley has posted a higher OBP over his slump than Robinson Cano has posted all season. He's posted the same OBP over his slump as Albert Pujols has posted all season.

  • According to Shannon Drayer, the PTBNL in the Doug Fister trade will indeed be Chance Ruffin, as has long been rumored. We'll await official confirmation before writing up a full post, but Ruffin's a nearly-23-year-old righty reliever selected 48th overall last summer with a couple games of big league experience. He's lately been hanging out in triple-A Toledo, but Drayer says he would probably report to Seattle. Maybe at the expense of Tom Wilhelmsen. That last part is me speculating.

    The Mariners would really be taking a Chance by selecting this guy over Drew Smyly, but he could immediately help Ruffin up what's been a slippery, dangerous bullpen of late. And there are so many more possible puns to be made! Of course, "Drew Smyly" is an equally punnable name, if it isn't superior, so I guess the Mariners probably aren't basing this pick around punnability.

    Update: okay this is official now. Post coming