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Series Preview: Toronto Blue Jays @ Seattle Mariners

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MARINERS (52-67) Δ Ms BLUE JAYS (61-59) EDGE
HITTING (wOBA) -128.1 (30th) 0.5 7.7 (11th) Toronto
FIELDING 24.3 (5th) 1.5 2.3 (13th) Seattle
ROTATION (tRA) 25.6 (7th) -6.0 -33.2 (26th) Seattle
BULLPEN (tRA) -11.1 (21st) -0.8 4.8 (14th) Toronto
OVERALL(RAA) -89.4 (25th) -4.7 -18.4 (17th) TORONTO

Mariners current draft spot: 4th

From facing the Red Sox to the Blue Jays. I rather prefer the color blue to the color red. Also, I think birds are way more interesting than socks, and I don't even think birds are all that interesting unless they are auks trying to fly for the first time. Hilariously cruel, nature!

Anyways, there'll be some pitchers pitching and some hitters trying to hit. Some of them will succeed while a majority will probably fail. If not, then this will be quite an odd and run-filled series. An umpire will probably make a mistake and you will consider getting mad about it. You might even go ahead and get mad about it. It can be cathartic to channel anger that's actually caused by personal frustration toward a more benign target. And if you think about it, umpires and baseball players don't really exist to us. They appear on the television, or are described on the radio or in "print", or even appear before us in flesh, but for the most part they aren't actually a real part of our lives. They are close to being inanimate objects and I suppose there are worse places to direct anger. Just remember that it is you who holds the power to remove the anger, not the object.

Do you think the Mariners will finish the year above or below 17 games under .500? I'm betting slightly above, as they are now, and a corresponding number of stories or anecdotes over the winter about "if you just remove that 17-game losing streak..." which is of course absurd, but completely understandable. They lost 17 games in a row! Remember that? That was loony. Baseball is silly.

Mon 15 Aug 19:10


Henderson Alvarez is making only his second Major League start today. He debuted against Oakland on Wednesday and now faces the Mariners. You couldn't have a softer landing even if you fell down a mythical volcano shaft to the center of the Earth and it turned out that instead of a spinning ball of mostly molten iron, the Earth's core was actually made of fluffy marshmallow and goose down. 

Tue 16 Aug 19:10


This is Brad Mills' third year of some fill in starts with the Blue Jays. He got two starts in 2009, three starts last year and three starts so far this season. He's young, left-handed and has done reasonably well in Triple-A, but oof, when your fastball is a legit mid-80s pitch, you have very little room for error and Brad Mills complements his lack of speed with a lack of control. Actually, that may be presumptuous. I know he doesn't throw strikes very often, but he could be throwing balls on purpose because he doesn't want to risk his dainty fastball being obliterated. Ha ha, you throw slowly, Brad! Says the writer who probably can't top 70.

And since Jason Vargas is the other starter, let us play an actual under/over game. Number of pitches thrown by these two starters that pitch f/x records at 90.0mph or above: 2.5

Wed 17 Aug 19:10


Looking at it, Brandon Morrow is kind of like Michael Pineda if Michael Pineda threw fewer strikes. Brandon Morrow is in his fifth Major League season and Pineda is 12 years old.