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It Dawns On Miguel Olivo

Vargas: /looks in
Vargas: /shakes head
Vargas: /shakes head
Vargas: /shakes head
Olivo: /calls for time
Olivo: /approaches mound
Olivo: What's the deal?
Vargas: I just can't figure out which pitch I want to throw here.
Olivo: Well, what's the situation? It's a 1-2 count, right?
Vargas: Yeah.
Olivo: Then I think changeup, low, out of the zone.
Vargas: Are you sure?
Olivo: Very sure.
Vargas: Why out of the zone?
Olivo: You're ahead in the count.
Vargas: But don't I want to throw a strike?
Olivo: You can get a strike by making the hitter swing at a ball.
Vargas: Will he do that?
Olivo: He might do that.
Vargas: What if he hits it?
Olivo: That's not a big deal.
Vargas: Why isn't that a big deal?
Olivo: It's usually fine when hitters hit balls.
Vargas: How come?
Olivo: Balls are harder to hit well than strikes.
Vargas: Really?
Olivo: Yeah. Think about the swing path.
Olivo: It's really difficult to make solid contact with a pitch outside of that rectangle.
Vargas: So...
Vargas: So let me get this straight:
Olivo: Sure.
Vargas: Hitters can hit strikes really hard.
Vargas: But they usually can't hit balls really hard.
Vargas: If they can hit them at all.
Olivo: Right.
Vargas: So sometimes I should throw balls on purpose...
Vargas: ...just to mix things up, and see if the hitter will swing...
Vargas: ...because it's good for me, as a pitcher, when a hitter swings at a ball?
Olivo: Right.
Vargas: Got it.
Olivo: We done here?
Vargas: We're done here.
Olivo: /walks away
Olivo: /pauses
Olivo: Heyyyyyyyyyyyy
Vargas: /flashes thumbs-up to dugout