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Welcome/Save Us, Kyle Seager

Update: there's talk that Seager may only be getting a brief trial, and that he could return to Tacoma before long if he doesn't impress out of the gate. This roster situation is so complicated. So many moving parts, so few of them good.


As you've most certainly heard by now, and as is all over Twitter and probably our comments, the Mariners have responded to today's shutout by making a move, promoting infielder Kyle Seager from Tacoma and designating catcher Jose Yepez for assignment.

Yepez, who was a player on this team, is going away without having made an appearance, now that Miguel Olivo is healthy and the team no longer needs three catchers. I do think it's a bummer that Yepez didn't get in once just for the life experience of it all, but it's not like the M's encountered a bunch of situations where playing Yepez would've made sense, and at least he made it this far. He made a little money and he got to share a clubhouse with some really good players. He will presumably clear waivers and return to Tacoma, although a big part of me is hoping the Padres snap him up to replace Rob Johnson.

And so, Seager. Here's what Seager did in AAA:

  • Played in 12 games

That's it. Seager spent the entire 2010 season with advanced-A High Desert. This year, he played 66 games with AA Jackson and 12 games with AAA Tacoma, and now he's coming to the Majors. He has even less high minors experience than Justin Smoak.

But if you look at what he did in the high minors, it makes sense. Seager was 25-for-55 with Tacoma. Between Jackson and Tacoma overall, he batted .336/.401/.495 with 31 walks and 44 strikeouts. He is not a top prospect and he'll probably never make an All-Star Game, but he hits with an idea, and given what the Mariners have been getting out of so many slots in their lineup, Seager is deserving of the opportunity to show what he can do.

The 23-year-old lefty has primarily been a second baseman, but lately he's been playing a lot of third, and it stands to reason that's where he'll be playing as a Mariner. He isn't known for his defense, in a good way or a bad way. He's known more for his polish at the plate. He was teammates with Dustin Ackley at North Carolina, and while his approach obviously doesn't measure up to Ackley's, he still has a good one. He doesn't get himself out too much, and he hits the ball both often and hard. You shouldn't expect him to hit a bunch of dingers, now or down the road, but "Kyle Seager" is more a doubles name anyway, and he should deliver plenty of those. Walks, singles and doubles. That's Kyle Seager.

The organization loves him. Obviously, or else he wouldn't be up already. You'll recall that he was present at Fanfest. He's considered a part of the future, and that future will probably begin tomorrow night in Anaheim. So one can't help but wonder what this means for Chone Figgins. Eric Wedge won't take away a lot of playing time from Adam Kennedy, since Eric Wedge loves Adam Kennedy. Which means Seager will take a lot of time away from Figgins. Will Figgins end up the 25th man? Will he change positions? Will he be dropped? Is there any point to keeping him around anymore? The Mariners will have a decision to make. It's possible they've already made it.

I don't know if Kyle Seager is ready to be a Major League-caliber third baseman. I don't know if he'll ever be. I do know that he doesn't have to be much to help out. So welcome to the Mariners, Kyle Seager. Make them better and we will all love you.