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Series Preview: Seattle Mariners @ Oakland Athletics

HITTING (wOBA) -84.4 (30th) -8.9 -48.9 (28th)
FIELDING 29.6 (2nd) 5.9 -8.8 (21st)
38.9 (3rd) 5.5 23.2 (7th)
3.5 (14th) -0.5 17.8 (4th)
-12.5 (17th) 1.9 -16.8 (18th)
Running (BsR)
0.5 (12th) -
-6.3 (28th)

Nothing says fireworks quite like the Mariners playing the Athletics in Oakland!

That Oakland has the third-worst group of hitters in the Majors and are still 35 or so runs better than the Mariners shows you an example of how far behind the rest of baseball Seattle is trailing. The Twins are still between Oakland and Seattle and are at -58.5 and are also on a hot streak of late, gaining quite a bit of ground.

Though if you combine hitting, fielding and running into one overall position player category, the Mariners don't rank quite as awful, almost catching up to the Cubs for 5th-worst in baseball. Oakland becomes Major League's lowest performing group.

Mon 04 Jul 13:05


The first return start for Brandon McCarthy who has been missing in Oakland since May 18 with a shoulder injury. McCarthy dazzled in the first 6 weeks of the season.

Michael Pineda's non-park adjusted tRAs by month have a bad, but expected trend so far. From 1.89 in April to 3.10 in May and then a below average 4.31 in June. Pineda lost a bit of his fantastic control last month with "just" a 66% strike rate compared to his 69% and 70% rates before and that affected his walk totals. He also became even more of a fly ball pitcher in June. While in April and May, Pineda had about equal proportion of ground balls and fly balls (not counting pop flys or line drives), he had just a 27% ground ball rate in June with a 41% fly ball rate.

Tue 05 Jul 19:05


Selective memory and all, but these are the games I think of when Trevor Cahill's name comes up and he never seems to throw a game anywhere like that against the Mariners. In the seven starts against Seattle, the Mariners have plated 2.83 runs per nine innings while he's pitched. Minus all the Mariners strikeouts, I'd actually just settle for a repeat of 2011's Opening Day here. That was a solid win for Felix Hernandez and seeing another Chone Figgins home run would be hilarious.

Wed 06 Jul 12:35


Guillermo Moscoso has bounced around quite a bit but while in the rotation he has 19 strikeouts, 17 free passes and a 47% fly ball rate. He's honestly awful and there's this .184 BABIP keeping him afloat. He is, however, coming off a legitimately great start against the Marlins that would have been in the spectacular realm if he hadn't allowed a pair of home runs.

Jason Vargas continues his hit-and-miss mastery in contrast to Felix's settled groove of merely good. Judging by tRA, his last start was his best ever in a Mariner uniform. It's not the best of the season for any Mariner though. Erik Bedard's start against the Nationals holds that honor thanks to ten strikeouts over six innings with nary a single line drive allowed.